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Translator's Notes

1) Translation Quality

I am a student of Japanese, not a native speaker. When I come across a word that I don't know, I look it up in a dictionary. I have yet to stumble upon any grammar in the Pichi Pichi Pitch manga that I am unfamiliar with, so there's that to be said in my favor, at least. But still, I do rely on that dictionary an awful lot. Which means that there are bound to be mistakes somewhere along the line, because we all know that a dictionary can only take you so far...

I have not seen the Pichi Pichi Pitch anime *subtitled* beyond episode 01. So without any other translations to compare my own to, I can only say that my translations are mine and mine alone, mistakes and all.

My translations of earlier chapters were much more literal, but I tended to re- arrange and add more words as I went along and started translating later chapters. Japanese often omits things that are grammatically necessary in English, such as subjects, or verbs. ;) So when the context of a sentence was clear, I went ahead and added a subject or a verb if one was missing. If a particular sentence was supposed to be purposefully vague or things were intentionally omitted, however, I tried my best to preserve that in the translation.

I made no effort to preserve the individual speech styles of certain characters, other than to convey the formality/politeness level of their speech. So speech style is definitely lost in translation, I'm sorry. But if you can follow along and read some Japanese on your own, you'll be able to see how Rina usually uses a very masculine speech style, how Yuuri talks like an old-fashioned princess, etc.

1) Translation Formatting

Er, I hope that everyone can follow along with the formatting. (If not, please let me know, so that I can make a "how to read these translations" page or something. But I don't feel like doing it unless I need to.)

There may be inconsistencies in the formatting between early chapters and later chapters, as I experimented and figured out some better ways to present certain things.

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