Pearl Song: Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch manga translations and more.
Image: Princess Lucia.
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Sister Site!

Pitch Distro: Pichi Pichi Pitch anime download resource. OMG shameless self-promotion, I know.

Official Sites

Del Rey Manga
Publishing house releasing the Pichi Pichi Pitch manga in English.

Kodansha in English
Portal to the two English websites of Kodansha, and

Monthly manga magazine in which Pichi Pichi Pitch was published. You can find PPP news, and pictures of monthly PPP furoku on this site.

Hanamori Pink's official homepage. You can find lots of unique illustrations here, including her early character designs for some Pichi Pichi Pitch characters.

An Interview with Pink Hanamori
Okay, so this isn't part of an official website, per se, but it is an official thingy. Pink Hanamori attends an anime convention and answers questions from fans.

PPP @ TV Aichi
Official homepage for the anime. You can find cast and staff information, detailed episode summaries, and downloadable movie clips here.

Fansites: Info and Combination Sites

Live Start!
The web's best English-language Pichi Pichi Pitch fansite, hands-down.
A ridiculously complete Pichi Pichi Pitch anime website, with tons of multimedia content and more. In German.
A large German fansite, which includes lots of information about the anime, but which really specializes in wallpaper, avatars, web graphics, and more cool media.

Mermaids Heaven
Pichi Pichi Pitch multimedia paradise!! Tons of downloads including video clips, MP3s, emulated games, and more. Oh yeah, some series info too. In German.

A very large, complete anime fansite, in Swedish.
A comphrehensive anime fansite in Italian.

Here you can find Pichi Pichi Pitch text translations in Polish.

Fansites: Media

Songs of Mermaid
A complete discography of every single Pichi Pichi Pitch song - EVERY single song - with downloads. Awesome.

Lovely Pitch
A large gallery of manga and anime scans, including scans of some Nakayoshi furoku.

Anime Project Alliance Gallery: Pichi Pichi Pitch
A small selection of high-quality scans, from Nakayoshi and other magazines.

Seven Oceans
A beautiful collection of anime and manga scans, and some music videos.

Ayumi's Animated Gif Page
Contains tons of animated GIFs from the Pichi Pichi Pitch anime. The site also has a lot of Pichi Pichi Pitch avatars, but many of the avatars use uncredited fanart, unfortunately.

Remember, many sites listed in the "Info and Combination Sites" section (above) also contain image galleries and/or extensive multimedia content.

Character Shrines

Glass Wings
A detailed shrine (and fanlisting) for Amagi Michal.

Aqua Spinel
A terribly cute and colorful Hanon shrine.

Splash Dream
Finally! A Lucia shrine! (It's about time that the main character got some fan love, isn't it?)

Love Song
A lovely combination shrine and fanlisting for the romance between Kaito and Lucia.

La Isla Bonita
A combination shrine and fanlisting for Coco.

Silver Bells
A shrine for Noel, the sweet, lovely, under-appreciated Arctic Princess.

Dark Concerto
A shrine to the Black Beauty Sisters, Sheshe and Mimi.

Do You Notice Me?
A detailed shrine and fanlisting for Shiroi Nagisa.

Tsubasa wo Daite
A shrine for everyone's favorite psychotic angel, Michel, in German.


The E-Pitch Alliance
A directory of Pichi Pichi Pitch shrines and fanlistings.

Unfinished Symphony
A Pichi Pichi Pitch fanfiction archive!

Pitch at Livejournal
There are several discussion, icon, and rating communities related to PPP at Livejournal. You can find them listed here.


I got tired of listing all of the Pichi Pichi Pitch-related fanlistings here, since they were so frequently moving, changing hands, being deleted, and being replaced. Thus, if you want to find Pitch-related fanlistings, visit The Anime Fanlistings. Any fanlistings that also function as a legitimate shrine for their chosen subject have been listed in the "Shrines" section above.

Not-PPP Related

Believe in Dreams
A fansite dedicated to Yume Yume You You, Hanamori Pink's new manga series.

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