Pearl Song: Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch manga translations and more.
Image: Princess Lucia.
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Special Features

Image: Kaito, without his shirt.

Senseless, Gratuitous Kaito Shirtlessness
A complete list of the many thin excuses Yokote Michiko and Hanamori Pink have cooked up, in order to continually deprive poor Kaito of his shirt.

Image: Lucia kisses Kaito on his cheek.

Choices of the Heart
Whom does Kaito love? And what can Lucia do about it? This feature is a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of the development of the relationship between Lucia and Kaito, detailing what events lead up to the important choices that they make about each other.

Image: Dolphin-man love.

Artwork Bloopers (coming someday, maybe, when I have time!)
Hanon's magical bra, Lucia's vanishing boots, mysterious fishy tails, and more.

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