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Image: Princess Lucia.
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Senseless, Gratuitous
Kaito Shirtlessness

Image: Kaito, naked, taking a shower.  Of course. Chapter 01
Lucia first meets Kaito while he's surfing. He's wearing nothing but a pair of swimming trunks. But this makes sense, admittedly. Kaito also competes in the surfing competition, wearing only his trunks. Okay, that's a little bit unsafe, isn't it? In episode #1 of the anime, Kaito always surfed wearing a wetsuit.

Chapter 02
Kaito manages to keep his shirt on, for the entire chapter.

Chapter 03 (image at right)
Kaito surfs shirtless, again. Later, when Lucia shows up at Kaito's apartment, Kaito just decides right then and there to take a shower. We get a page-high panel of Kaito standing naked in the shower, with nothing but one conveniently-placed cloud of steam to hide anything. When Kaito emerges from the shower, he apparently had enough time to put on his pants again, but not his shirt.

Chapter 04
It's the middle of winter, so Kaito finally surfs in a wetsuit.

Chapter 05
Kaito decides to warm himself up after being caught in the rain. He takes off his wetsuit, changes into a pair of dry pants... and nothing else. Way to "warm up," Kaito.

Chapter 06
This is my favorite. Kaito takes one hit from Gakuto's attack, and his shirt just FLIES open (and practically flies right off).

Chapter 07
I guess the weather has warmed up enough for Kaito to surf shirtless again. Later, he slips a shirt over his shoulders, but leaves it unbuttoned, and completely open.

Chapter 08
My second-favorite. Maria, apparently in Level 10 Slut Mode, rips Kaito's shirt wide open.

Chapter 09
When Lucia rings the doorbell at Kaito's home, he answers the door in a state of half-undress. Guess what's missing? A hint: he's still wearing his pants.

Chapter 10
There's no reason for Kaito to be taking a shower during his mono- logue in the middle of the chapter. And yet, he is. Well, technically, I suppose that he *just finished* taking his shower. But anyway, he's being drawn wet and shirtless nevertheless.

Image: Aaaaaaaaawkward. Chapter 11
Kaito is hanging out at the beach, shirtless, wearing nothing but his swimming trunks. This is understandable. Later, when Kaito invites Lucia out for her birthday, he does keep his shirt on the entire time, although it is fully unbuttoned and completely open.

Chapter 12
It's a surfing tournament, so Kaito does not put on a shirt - not even once - in this entire chapter.

Chapter 13 (image at left)
First, we get to see Lucia's imaginary vision of Kaito not only shirtless, but totally nude (albeit drawn only from the waist up). Next, we actually do get to see Kaito nude - completely nude - as he emerges from taking a bath. Again, Hanamori Pink's only attempt at censorship in this image is one small, conveniently-placed cloud of steam. It's funny how Kaito is still wearing a ring and his necklace in that picture. I don't know how guys do it, but *I* usually take off my jewelry when I bathe.

Chapter 14
Kaito surfs again. Shirtless, of course.

Chapter 15
This is officially the third chapter in which Kaito manages to entirely keep his shirt on. Three out of fifteen, so far. Ouch.

Chapters 16-17
Okay, make that four... and five. It's winter, and it's cold out, which means that Kaito surfs in a wetsuit, and wears a thick coat the rest of the time that he is outdoors. Thus, he does not remove his shirt even once during the course of these two chapters.

Chapter 18
Kaito sends Lucia a photograph of himself (shirtless) in Hawaii. Finally, during the dream sequence in which Kaito confronts Gakuto, his shirt just unbuttons itself and flies open. I think that Kaito's shirt actually came unbuttoned when he was hugging Lucia, but by the time that Kaito sees Gakuto, his shirt is completely open, flying back in an unseen wind, and trying valiantly to pull itself off of his body. However, the shirt never actually succeeds in coming *off* Kaito.

Image: Kaito, being exhibitionist, as usual. Chapters 19-20
Kaito manages to keep his clothes on during the entire final battle with Gakuto. However, in chapter 19, there is a flashback sequence that shows him with his shirt blowing open, exposing his bare chest. And in chapter 20, during his final embrace with Lucia, Kaito's shirt is halfway unbuttoned, exposing part of his chest.

Chapter 21
Amazingly, Kaito keeps his shirt on (albeit unbuttoned) during the first few pages of this chapter, despite the fact that he's engaged in you-know-what with Lucia. Finally, the next morning, we get to see Kaito about to put a new shirt on, although he is drawn as shown from the back.

Chapter 22
Kaito disappoints fangirls everywhere by keeping his shirt on for the entire chapter, again.

Chapter 23
It's summer! You know what that means - Kaito, shirtless, for practically the ENTIRE chapter! Kaito is bare-chested and wearing nothing but his swimtrunks, all the way until the very last two pages of the chapter, when he finally puts on a shirt.

Chapter 24 (Image above, right)
Kaito takes off his sweatshirt (he's wearing nothing underneath?!) and gives it to Lucia because she's cold. Huh.

Chapter 25
Kaito is drawn shirtless in the frontpiece illustration for this chapter. In addition, he surfs shirtless.

Chapter 26
At the beginning of this chapter, Kaito and Lucia are doing some heavy petting on the beach, then underwater. (Must be nice to be able to breathe underwater, Kaito.) Of course, Kaito is shirtless the entire time.

Chapter 27
Another chapter in which Kaito is, miraculously, never shown shirtless. This would be the sixth chapter of shirtlessness so far (seven if you count chapter 20).

Chapter 28
Kaito is drawn shirtless in the omake illustration at the beginning of this chapter.

Chapter 29
Kaito keeps his clothes on his body during this entire chapter. Which is amazing, because he's sustaining a lot of "battle damage," and normally being hit by an enemy attack makes his shirt fly right off his body...

Chapter 30
At the end of the chapter, Kaito surfs shirtless while Lucia watches over him. Finally, he returns to the beach and embraces her, before putting back on his shirt.

Chapter 31
Yet another chapter in which Kaito keeps all of his clothes on.

Chapter 32
On the very last page of the very last chapter in the series, there is a flashback to when Kaito and Lucia met on the beach in chapter 1 (when Kaito touches Lucia's chin and asks, "Is that a pick-up line"?). The artwork for the scene in question is re-drawn, but Kaito was shirtless then, and of course, he's shirtless in the new illustration, too.

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